The Event Effect: Unlocking the true value of live events

Live events are undeniably powerful. The collective sharing of a unique experience creates unforgettable memories but it doesn’t end when the last song is played, the whistle is blown or the curtains come down.

Live events are more than moments of entertainment; they are powerful economic catalysts that ripple through economies. 

When a concert, sports event, festival, theatre performance or any major event comes to town, it creates demand, not just for tickets but also for places to stay.

We call it, The Event Effect.

The Event Effect in action: Bruce Springsteen at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, 5th May 2024.

Harnessing The Event Effect with Bundl

To fully understand and capitalise on The Event Effect, enter Bundl. The partnership platform connecting the event and hotel marketplaces.

Here’s how we do it:


The first step is prediction. Bundl employs advanced data modelling systems, combining multiple data sources to accurately forecast the demand for hotel rooms that an event or series of events will create.


Once the demand is predicted, we use our global hotel partnerships to secure rooms at pre-event announcement rates and capture the uplift in ticket + hotel Bundls.

Fans have the flexibility to Bundl any combination of hotel room, ticket type and stay length, to create their perfect event experience in one seamless transaction.


Finally, we share the captured uplift with our event organiser and ticket agent partners.

A Win-win-win-win Scenario

With Bundl, everybody wins. Event organisers, hotels, ticket agents and fans.

Event Organisers

25% of fans travel over 50 miles to their event. Bundl allows you to cater to these fans and in doing so capitalise on the demand your events generate, creating a brand new revenue stream for your business. Learn more.


By joining the inner circle of live events, you receive invaluable advance notice of when the next big event is coming to town. Bundl places your hotel front and centre and secures strong early guaranteed business with no investment required. Learn more.

Ticket Agents

Bundl allows you to sell more than just the ticket and earn more from your allocations through a variety of integration methods. Learn more.


The days of fixed packages are over. Book your experience, your way, safe in the knowledge that both tickets and hotel stays are 100% financially protected. Learn more.

Ready to start capitalising on The Event Effect for your business? Contact Bundl today.

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