Bundl redefines ticket + hotel packaging with new platform launch

The age of traditional packages is over. Bundls are the future.

After seven successful years as Sound Travel, we are excited to today announce the official rebranding and launch of our industry-first partnership platform connecting event organisers and ticket agents with global hotels. Welcome to Bundl!

For years the live event and hotel industries have been working in silos, leaving a huge opportunity on the table. Bundl marks the end of these missed opportunities.

“Since lockdown, we’ve seen demand for events reach an all time high, not just for tickets, but also for places to stay, as fans look to experience more than just the event itself. We call this “The Event Effect’ notes Mike Bayon, CEO and Founder at Bundl. “For decades the focus for event organisers has been on ticket sales as their primary revenue source and whilst it’s not gone unnoticed, The Event Effect has been overlooked, because they didn’t fully understand how to go about benefiting from it”.

Until now.

How does it work?

Bundl uses historic and predictive data insights to predict the value of the hotel demand that events create. This value is captured by Bundling together tickets with hotels contracted at pre-event announcement rates and value added benefits. The uplift is captured in the Bundls sold and shared with the event organiser.

But Bundl isn’t just for event organisers… Bundl creates value throughout the ecosystem, for ticket agents, hotels, fans and event organisers.

Event Organisers
Earn more from the events you organise.

25% of fans travel over 50 miles to their event. Bundl allows you to cater to these fans and in doing so, create a zero risk, easy-to-implement new revenue stream for your business.

Become part of the event marketing mix.

Get advance notice when the next big event comes to town, put your hotel front and centre and fill rooms ahead of your competition.

Ticket Agents
Sell more than just the ticket and earn more from your allocations.

Bundl is a flexible plug-in solution that has been designed to work with ticketing platforms of all types. Sell through your own checkout or integrate through API and white label sales widgets.

Turn your event into an experience

There is more to a city than just the show. There is more to an event than just the performance. Bundl brings together event tickets+hotel stays to make it easy, safe and secure for fans to book a wider experience.

“The rebrand to Bundl marks an exciting new chapter in our journey,” added Bayon. “We’ve learnt a lot and built some solid foundations and strong partnerships as Sound Travel, delivering over £5m in uplift revenue to our partners in the UK, Ireland and Australia. As Bundl, we’ll be able to take this to the next level and diversify into other verticals and territories where the event effect takes place.”

Bayon ~ Bundl

If you’d like to learn more about how a partnership with Bundl could transform your event, hotel or ticketing business. Get in touch with the team today, we’d love to hear from you.

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